The Best Hairstyles to Try in 2024

2024’s beauty trends are here, and top among them is a year of easy hair styling. In the New Year, say hello to these 7 low-fuss, high-style hairdos that will turn your world upside down. 

What’s in store for hair in 2024?

According to beauty outlets like The Zoe Report and Allure, 2024’s hair trends will revolve around things like short bobs, “lived-in” styles, and effortless styling. 2023’s bold mullets and wolf cuts will make way for styling choices that are as comfortable and carefree as they are gorgeous. 

Here are 7 of our top hair ideas for 2024! 

1. The Hush Cut

The hush cut went viral in fall of 2023—and for good reason! It’s a gorgeous, effortless style that looks better the less you mess with it. Face framing layers meet curtain bangs in a fluffy, free-wheeling style that’s perfect for any hair length. People with medium-thick or straight hair will love this look best. 

To keep layers light and airy, we recommend a soft leave-in styling gel like All About Curls Soft Definition and letting it air dry. For a more styled look, try a gentle blow-dry with a round brush.

2. Butterfly Layers

This feminine haircut frames the face with gentle, weightless layers before curling at the ends to create an effect like a butterfly’s wings. Light-hold product like this leave-in spray from Be Care Love is all you need before drying your bangs forward and away from your face. With gentle hold, your hair stays in lightweight, airy layers that feel soft as a butterfly’s kiss. 

3. The Blunt Bob

Goodbye, bowl cut—hello, blunt bob! The blunt bob never goes out of style. We’ve seen it in the 20s, the 60s, and the 80s, and it’s back again for another knock-out success in 2024. Blunt bobs can be any length—some end right at the chin, others crop below the ears for more of a pixie cut. 

The point of a blunt bob is its blunt edges: cropped, sleek edges add shine and substance to this hairstyle. To fight frizz, try a spritz of Crack Hair’s Frizz Fighting Mist.

4. The Halo Cut

Championed by style legends like Florence Pugh and Zendaya, the halo cut shows that angels truly walk among us. The loose, round shape of this face-framing haircut opens up at the cheekbones, creating a gentle, curved look that wows with both curly and straight hair. Curved bangs add shape while subtle layers add movement. To keep your hair glossy and volumized for this floaty look, we recommend David Douglas’s Controlled Chaos styling cream. 

5. Farrah Fawcett Hair

Long, gorgeous curve cuts make this 70s-inspired look feel effortless and lightweight, without sacrificing style. These layers start between your chin and shoulders and flow down your back for a gentle, swooping style. Keep the curves sleek with hot air styling, or go for the full Farrah Fawcett with more intense styling. You can also air dry with some leave-in David Douglas Texture Spray for a gorgeous, beachy “I woke up like this” style.

6. The Collarbone Lob

If you know one thing about us at BeautySupply123, it’s that we love a lob. Plus, “lob” is just fun to say! Short for a “long bob,” a lob sneaks a little further than a traditional bob or blunt bob: in the case of a collarbone lob, hair goes to just below the collarbone. Without adding too much weight, the extra length adds space to play, whether you want to incorporate whimsical waves or apply heat for that sharp, stunning sleekness. 

For thin or straight hair, we recommend using Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Sculpting Foam to add volume and flair to a sleek collarbone lob. 

7. Eyelash Bangs

Finally, eyelash bangs are sweeping social media and we couldn’t be happier with this chic, beautiful style. Long, wispy bangs drift down lower than you’d expect, coming all the way down to the eyelashes. Think of them like blunt bangs, but with less weight and more whimsy. 

Eyelash bangs pair well with short and long hair alike, and you can do so much with them. We recommend a spray like David Douglas’s “Uprising” Root Lifter to add volume to your layers, pairing beautifully with lightweight eyelash bangs. 

What hair trends do you have your eye on for 2024? Wherever the New Year may take you, we hope you bring us along for the ride! Check out the full BeautySupply123 hair section to find your new favorite products for 2024. 

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