Earth Day Beauty: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Sustainable Products for an Eco-Friendly Routine

Have you updated your beauty routine for 2024? Earth Day is just around the corner on April 22nd, making now a great time to switch up your old, tired products for sustainable, cruelty-free, and planet-friendly alternatives.

Today, we’re taking a look at the best sustainable beauty products for an all-day routine. We’ll start fresh in the morning, keep looking gorgeous through the afternoon, and take time for some R&R before bed. 

Let’s dive in! 

For the Morning 

The morning is all about setting yourself up for success. Whether you’re a morning shower-er or prefer to scrub up in the evening, you can’t go wrong with the vegan and cruelty-free Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Rehydrating Conditioner. This simple wash treats your hair like a much-needed hug. Restorative moisture leaves your hair decadent and supple for styling. (Biotera Styling Defining Gel makes an excellent companion to this set!) 

For those of us taming wild facial hair, try switching up your shaving routine with a synthetic fiber shaving brush like this one from Omega. Synthetic fibers are better for the planet than animal hair! 

For the Afternoon

There’s nothing worse than feeling frazzled in the middle of a hectic work day. With only a few hours left until you can get back to Netflix with your cat, the afternoon is all about fixing yourself up to take on the rest of your day in style. We like a quick spritz of the Crack Hair Frizz Fighting Mist to tame flyaways before that 5pm meeting your boss scheduled on a Friday. (Seriously?!) 

If your scalp’s feeling itchy from too long in your elegant work hairdo, give yourself a little pick-me-up with Hair ResQ Dry Scalp Moisturizing Treatment. Made with vegan ingredients like apple cider vinegar, this leave-in treatment soothes irritated scalps with aloe vera, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil to leave your scalp feeling balanced and refreshed for the rest of the day. 

For some Post-Work Self Care

You made it! It’s the evening, you’ve kicked off your shoes and settled down on the couch, and you’re ready for some R&R. Treat yourself and the planet with Petal Fresh Restoring Body Butter with Honey & Coconut. This scrub offers gentle exfoliation and plenty of moisture, the ultimate things your skin craves after a long day at work. 

Petal Fresh even offers a cleansing foot scrub and a version of their restorative body butter meant for sensitive, cracked heels. Try their Superfoods Healing Heels Foot Balm for an extra layer of comfort. 

For Bedtime 

Fall into a relaxing, comfortable sleep knowing you’re taking care of your skin just as well as you’re taking care of the planet. Before bed, get rid of the last of the day’s smudges with Petal Fresh Makeup Removing Wipes. Then, go for another layer of body butter—we like Petal Fresh Pure Hibiscus & Papaya Body Butter at bedtime because it helps us wake up feeling refreshed.

For your hair, consider a leave-in conditioner like David Douglas’s Release Spray. Or if your hair needs an extra treat, a strengthening formula like Hair ResQ’s Thickening Treatment Follicle Stimulator can do the trick. These products are made from sustainable ingredients and not tested on animals, so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part for the environment. 

For more ideas on vegan, eco-friendly beauty products to use, visit Beauty Supply 123’s full Sustainable Beauty collection. Wherever this Earth Day may take you, we hope it’s somewhere with plenty of sunshine! 

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