Everything You Need For The Ultimate Holiday Hair Care Routine

Ahh, the holidays! A time for getting family together, perfecting your festive looks, and showing how much you care — for both your loved ones and yourself! Today, we’re focusing on an aspect of self care most people don’t think of during the holidays. A healthy hair care routine, especially during the season of wind and snow, can keep you feeling fresh and festive as you go from event to event. 

Let’s break down the crucial products to include in your holiday hair care routine: conditioners, oils, serums, and styling gels. 

What do I need to know about conditioners for my hair?

A healthy hair care routine starts in the shower. We all know how important it is to keep our hair and our bodies clean, but we’ve all been guilty of standing in the beauty aisle, picking out the cheapest products available, and wondering later why our hair feels brittle or oily. 

For the healthiest hair, pick out a high-quality shampoo and conditioner like David Douglas Devotion. Shampoo is important for overall hair health, texture, and quality, but it’s conditioner that has the best impact on your hair care routine. Conditioners give your hair the desperately-needed moisture it loses due to heat styling, wind, sunlight, and other damaging elements from our daily lives. A good conditioner includes ingredients like amino acids and silk protein moisturizers like aloe or coconut oil, plus ingredients like botanical extracts. If you have dyed, damaged, or chronically brittle hair, consider sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to minimize the chemical impact on your hair. 

Why should I include hair oil in my hair care?

Next up — hair oil. For people with naturally oily skin or scalps, applying hair oil might feel counterproductive. However, hair oil is one of the best products to add to your daily hair care routine. Regular applications of hair oil — we recommend at least weekly, depending on how often you style your hair with heated tools — help prevent split ends and breakage, while also giving your hair a glorious, detangled shine that brings out your natural hair color. 

Hair oils like CHI Argan Oil can be applied to damp hair with a few drops distributed along your lengths and ends. Alternatively, you can apply a light amount of hair oil to already-dry, styled hair to secure those flyaway strands and lock in a gorgeous shine. 

What are hair serums for in hair care? 

Hair serum — especially when used in tandem with hair oils, a high-quality conditioner, and the right hair styling products for you — gives you the most control over your hair. Different ingredients in hair serum target frizziness, dullness, and texture issues. It’s important to know how to choose the right hair serum for your hair type or hair texture. 

For example, people with dry, brittle hair should use a hair serum designed for heat repair. These serums include moisturizing ingredients like honey and argan oil, along with protective ingredients like jojoba oil that act as a barrier between your hair and the elements while also acting as a detangler and shine enhancer. 

On the other hand, people with naturally thick, curly, or wavy hair can benefit from a hair serum with ingredients like coconut oil and sunflower oil that combat frizziness and allow for gentle control without applying a ton of product. 

What’s the best styling gel for my hair?

Finally, think about the best styling gel by hair type. Someone with tight, kinky curls is going to need very different styling products than someone with thin, straight locks! Styling gel comes in a range of options and recipes, ranging from light hold to extreme hold options (for those pesky hair days when those flyaways just Won’t. Stay! Still!)

There are three main “goals” you should look for when considering the best hair styling gel for you: hold, control, and definition. 

Hold refers to how secure you need your hair to be. If you’re creating a tight, close braid or a sleek ponytail, you’ll want more “hold” in your hair gel. Ingredients like aloe and shea butter act as natural moisturizers while also providing excellent hold. 

Control fights off frizz with both fists. Styling gels for maximum control can get crunchy or chunky, so be careful to buy the best styling gel for YOUR hair, and not just the brand your best friend uses. 

Definition is needed when you want to perfect those beachy waves, defined curls, or that “90s grunge” scrunched look. Most styling gels that offer hold and control will also be great for definition, but the “crunch” warning is especially necessary for definition. There’s nothing worse than scrunching your hair with a fistful of gel only for the gel to crystallize into a hair helmet! Make sure you use minimal amounts of hair gel when styling. Remember, you can always add more gel if you need it, but once it’s in your hair, you’ll need a full wash to get most hair gels out. 

The Ultimate Holiday Hair Care Routine, Direct From Our Experts

Let’s wrap it up with what your holiday hair care routine should look like when you include conditioner, hair oil, hair serum, and styling gel. 

Step One: Wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo and a moisturizing, chemical-light conditioner

Step Two: When your hair is damp to dry, apply a few drops of hair oil to the lengths and the ends, making sure it’s distributed evenly. At least once a week — more if you have chronically dry or damaged hair — also apply a hair serum, from the roots to the tips, focusing on the vitamins, minerals, and moisturizers your hair is most desperate for. 

Step Three: Style your hair with the right styling gel for your hair type and the hairstyle you’re planning. Start with a small amount of gel and apply sparingly, adding more when you need it. 

Step Four: Finally, once your style is complete, lock it in with “hold” hair gel to secure it, a small amount of hair oil to tamp down frizz, or a bit of hairspray to ensure your look lasts all day. 

And now that you’re looking festive and fabulous, head out for those holiday events with your head held high! For the best product recommendations, budget-friendly hair products, and professional-level hair styling tools, check out the full BeautySupply123 hair care catalog right here on our website. BeautySupply123 products and gift cards make amazing gifts for your friends and family — and a little splurge on self-care products can be a great way to show some love for yourself, too! 

Happy styling! 

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