Everything You Need For An At-Home Spa Day

For many of us, the winter months are characterized by dry hair, chapped skin, and a whole lot of shivering. Winter weather wreaks havoc on your skin and hair, especially if you’re not staying on top of self-care. So how can you keep your hair and skin healthy during winter?

The Beauty Supply 123 team got together to craft the ultimate at-home spa day. Pack a goodie bag with all our favorites, then spend your next snow day pampering yourself from the comfort of home. We may not be able to stop the winter weather, but we can help you feel your best all season! 

At-Home Spa Day Ideas

Treating yourself to some winter self-care should focus on a few specific areas: exfoliation, moisturizing, nourishment, and — of course — relaxation. We like to take a full-body approach for ultimate wellness. 

A Good Soak

No at-home spa day would be complete without a good long soak in the bath. Turn the heat up and let those winter doldrums melt away with a chamomile-scented, Vitamin E-infused Andrea Body Spa Anti-Stress Bath Soak. Consider wrapping your hair up in a Betty Dain Shower Cap before your soak so you can pay special attention to your hair afterwards. 


After weeks of cold weather, buildup from windburned or chapped skin, staticky winter clothing, and too much hand-washing can leave your skin feeling itchy and gross. During your soak, exfoliate with a bristle brush like Fantasea’s Natural Body Brush or Kingsley’s Bath and Shower Brush


We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your skin moisturized during the winter. Dry wind, cold weather, and static electricity can leave your skin dry and sensitive to the touch — and the same goes for your hair! For the skin, we like Petal Fresh’s Restoring Body Butter, with honey and coconut oil to give your skin maximum moisture.


Nothing says “self-care” like treating yourself to the vitamins and minerals your body craves during the winter months. Face masks, hair masks, and foot masks are the name of the game. Products enriched with vitamins, natural oils, and fruits are all excellent choices during the winter, especially if you live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of winter sunshine. 


Turn up your favorite lo-fi playlist, light a citrusy candle, and let those good vibes flow. A spa day at home should be about caring for yourself — and that means your mind and mental health, not just your body. Take some time to journal, work on an art project, or meditate. (Pro tip: Take your meditation game to the next level with some Kingsley Gel Eye Coolers. Close your eyes and let the worries of the winter fade away while you breathe.) 

The Ultimate At-Home Spa Day Goodie Bag

We made things even easier! Here are our recommendations for the most effective, nourishing, and relaxing at-home spa day possible. Just grab your faves and get excited for your next shipment! 

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