Beat the Heat: 8 Hot Weather Hairstyles for Any Hair Type

Summer’s here in force, y’all, and while the season of suntans and barbecues has its moments, the heat loves to wreak havoc on our hair. Today, we’re trying out 8 hot weather hairstyles that will keep you feeling fresh, cool, and confident all summer long. 

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Braided Crown

The key to a comfortable summer look is getting that hair OFF 👏 YOUR 👏 NECK 👏. We’ve all had that beautiful beachy wave that, within moments of stepping outside, looks like it got hit by a beach wave. Instead of suffering through heavy locks all summer, try a braided crown. This style looks like you just walked out of the salon, but takes nothing more than some bobby pins, some patience, and a holding gel or hair spray to trap those flyaways. To complete the look, part your hair to one side and French braid your way from the crown of your head all the way to the back, where you can pin the rest of your luscious locks in a curly braid. For a laid-back “I woke up like this” look, apply a texture spray like David Douglas Texture Spray before you start your braid.  

Twisted Low Bun

This is another effortless look that gives off glamor vibes without a whole lot of struggle on your part. Start like you would normally put your hair into a low bun, but break the bun into three strands. Twist the strands to make long “lazy braids” then wrap the strands around each other and secure them with a hair elastic. This look works best with a sleek, shiny comb-back, so stock up on gels like American Crew’s Light Hold Styling Gel to apply before and after.

Space Buns

Who doesn’t love a good space bun? Space buns pile your hair on top of your head (and away from the back of your neck!) into oh-so-adorable messy side buns. Complete the look by pulling a few strands of your bangs down to frame your face, or go for a sleeker look by applying a gentle hold spray like the Biosilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray to trap any flyaways. And don’t forget to add glitter down your center part if you’re heading for a summer concert!

Bubble Braids or Bubble Ponytail

Who said ponytails had to be boring? The “bubble braid” look is easier than ever, because it isn’t a braid at all! Simply put your hair in a high ponytail or two high pigtails. Then, separate out small sections of the ponytail with hair elastics spaced every 2 or 3 inches. (Pro tip: Gold Magic’s elastics are only 99 cents for 250!) Next, fluff the separated sections the same way you would add texture to a tight bun. Make sure the “bubbles” have approximately equal sizing and spacing and — voila! You’ve got an easy hot weather hairstyle for a night out. 

Accessorized High Ponytail

Simplicity is the name of the game here. A sleek high ponytail, smoothed down with control gel and locked in with a finishing hair spray, makes a perfect match for a statement piece like a jeweled barrette, a brightly colored flower, or this sassy leather hair bow from our friends at 1907. We’re fans of the classic hair bow as well! 

Twisted Updo

Here’s another one that looks a lot more complicated than it is! Perfect for any summer soiree or a romantic dinner out, a twisted updo can add a little flair to your usual alligator clip or messy bun. You can go for a classic chignon or French twist by pulling one side of your hair back against your head and securing it with bobby pins. Step two is to fold the other half of your hair into a twist and layer it above the pinned-in part — then secure with your trusty bobby pins and you’re good to go! With so many pins in place, a twisted updo can be paired with a leave-in conditioner like Chi’s Keratin Weightless Leave In Conditioner or Texturizing Spray. By the time you let your hair down, you’ve got decadent beachy waves for the rest of the night. 

Messy Top Knot

For our curly-haired friends or anyone sick of their sweaty locks smacking them in the face on the way to the beach, a messy top knot is a tried-and-true look that looks fabulous no matter how quick you put it together (or how sweaty you feel). Simply grab all that gorgeous hair, whip it into a tight bun, and secure it on the top of your head. (To make it easier, we always put our heads upside down before we wrestle all that hair into place.) We like to accessorize our top knots with a pop of color, like these hot pink hair loops from Goomee. To avoid the “so tight my eyeballs are popping out” bun, fluff your bun out by pulling out a few strands (but not too many, so it holds its texture!). Now you’re serving “ultra-chic barista” vibes even if your only foray out of the AC is to pick up an iced coffee.

Half Up, Half Down

Finally, for our ambitious friends who want to leave their gorgeous hair down without dealing with too much heaviness, there’s the classic “half up, half down” half ponytail. (Did we say “half” enough in that sentence?!) This one’s pretty self-explanatory: Gather approximately the top ⅓ to ½ of your hair into a sleek bun or a messy ponytail. Secure it with bobby pins or a hair elastic, then use the thin end of a tail comb to tug out a couple of elegant strands to frame your face. And that’s it! Your dinner friends will never know you did it just to get rid of some of that weighty hair around your face.

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