Back to School: The Best Hairstyles for Kids in 2023

School’s (almost!) back in session, and that means it’s time for a style refresh! A new school year means new looks, from that shiny new backpack to new light-up sneakers (we’re not jealous) and everything in between. 

First up on the list: Haircuts! Whether you’re taking the whole family to the barbershop or just looking for a new way to style your youngster’s locks, the team at Beauty Supply 123 has collected 7 of the best hairstyles for kids in 2023. 

(Parents take notes — many of these styles look as great on adults as they do on kids!) 

1. Shag Haircut for Kids

This gender-neutral look is perfect for any kid. What makes the shag haircut a total winner is that it can be adapted to any length or hair texture, and takes practically no maintenance during the day. This unstructured cut with choppy layers is perfect for those “roll out of bed just in time for the bus” sort of days, pairing “messy” and “adorable” in perfect measures. A light spritz of texture spray (we like CHI’s Infra Texture Spray) can add volume and lift to this delightfully simple haircut. 

2. Baby Bangs Haircut for Kids

This very Gen Z cut is characterized by bangs cut extremely short on the forehead. A great option for kids who got their hands on a pair of scissors over the summer, baby bangs make a bold and fun statement while still looking refined. Keep the bangs at a length of one or two inches to accentuate the face and create a youthful finish! 

3. Classic Crew Cut for Kids

This timeless style has been perfect for kids for generations. A short cut or buzz on the sides and back, paired with a slightly longer look on top, defines the classic crew cut. You can take this one step further with a “fauxhawk” — shorter hair on the sides and slightly longer hair on top, a perfect look when your kid’s between haircuts! To keep the longer top under control, try a light styling gel like American Crew Pomade

4. Space Buns for Kids

Music festival season may be over, but it lives on year-round in our hearts. Space buns are a great option for your little fashionista: simply pull hair into two buns, typically high up on the head. For a messier, puffy look, gently pull the hair in the buns until it fluffs up. For a smoother look (or for kids with shorter hair), use a mousse or gentle hold hair spray to trap flyaways, then accessorize with matching scrunchies or colorful barrettes. 

5. Natural Afro Haircut for Kids

There’s nothing more beautiful than natural hair, and we LOVE to see afros popping up in style this school year! Whether paired with a patterned fade or simply allowed to grow out on its own, an afro is a gorgeous and confident way for your kiddo to show off their curls. If a fade’s not your youngster’s style, try offsetting the afro with an undercut. This adds some flair to an already charismatic hairstyle! To keep your child’s natural curls moisturized and nourished, pick up a shampoo and conditioner option with central ingredients like argan oil

6. Bubble Braids for Kids

We LOVE bubble braids at Beauty Supply 123! They’re so easy to create and even easier to maintain during a busy school day. Perfect to make a statement on the first day of school, this quirky look can be pulled off with just a few mini hair ties and a brush. With your kiddo’s hair in long pigtails, add a small hair elastic every couple of inches down the length of each tail. Then, gently pull the hair between each hair elastic to create a “bubble.” You can finish this look with a light hold hair spray to cut back on flyaways. 

7. Retro Mullet Haircut for Kids

Will somebody please explain why mullets are back in style?! We’re not complaining, though — the coolest kids are absolutely rocking the “party in the back” hairstyle from years gone by. With short hair on top and longer hair on the back of the neck, the “modern” mullet (and its slightly ~edgier~ cousin, the wolf cut) gives a more blended look than what we’re used to from the 80s. This makes it easier to pull off the look, although let’s be honest: Our kids have more confidence in their pinky fingers than we ever did in middle school! 

Are your kids ready for picture day? Back to School Season is such a trip down memory lane, and we’re glad you’re bringing Beauty Supply 123 along for the ride. Check out our full catalog for more hair inspo! We’ll see you on the playground! 

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