5 Halloween Styling Hacks So Good They’re Scary!

Halloween is the holiday that gets beauty lovers’ hearts racing. You can become virtually any character you want, from glamorous to ghoulish, just using products you most likely already have on hand. 

From fake blood and face paint to haunting hair do’s and spooktacular nails, anything goes when it comes to creating a fabulous or frightening Halloween look. Here are five fa-BOO-lous styling hacks for you to try this Halloween! 

Ditch The Wigs & Use Temporary Hair Color

From Harley Quinn to Mermaids and Unicorns, the perfect hair color can transform a basic costume into a Halloween masterpiece. However, Halloween is only one night, and most people want to be able to rinse the color out of their hair as soon as the costume comes off. 

The Punky Colour Temporary Hair Color Spray is the easiest way to color your hair without the commitment. Before using the color spray, you should dry and style your hair. (Brushing, drying, and anything with heat will affect the color.) We also suggest wearing a robe or clothing you don’t mind damaging when applying. 

For those with lighter locks, less is more, but more is good if you fall on the darker end of the hair color spectrum. If you accidentally get the color on your scalp or skin, Colortak Hair Color Remover Wipes are good to have on hand. When it’s time to remove the hair color, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up, followed by a nourishing hair maskGo BIG with Hairspray

Whether you’re looking to add body for a wicked witch or rocking an ‘80s style, hairspray can make your hair look bigger, fuller, and create a definitive shape while freezing it in place. So if you are planning a widow’s peak for Dracula or want to do the ultimate comb over, hairspray will hold it in place. It’s also perfect for creating larger-than-life hair for all those sexy costumes. Simply backcomb hair to increase volume and then set with spray.  

Bloody Good DIY Makeup  

You don't need to buy fake blood from the costume store! Instead, you can use things you already have in your makeup bag. Simply shave off a bit of red lipstick, mix it with creamy black eyeliner, and finish with a dollop of thick, clear lip gloss. (Seriously — this recipe is scary good!)

If you want brighter blood, add more lipstick. For a deeper, dried-blood hue, add in more liner. Use the end of a makeup brush to apply. If you want to create a blood spatter look, dip an angled makeup brush in the “blood”, and hold it close to your skin. Then run your fingers along the bristles until the desired area is covered with bright, realistic splatters.  

Spooky Chic Nail Art

If you prefer to paint your nails over your face, blood spatter designs are easy and make for a festive costume accessory. First, paint your nails a solid base color, like white or nude, and let them completely dry. Then grab some thin red nail polish. (Pro tip: If your red polish is too thick, it won’t splatter correctly. You can thin the red polish by adding a little nail polish remover.) 

To create the splat design, use a dotting tool or bobby pin and add random dots on your nails. Then using the smaller end, pull the red polish from the center of the spot, to form splat lines in various streaks and dribbles. Finally, you can add smaller dots or flecks of red polish around the main splat. 

Don’t Sleep on Makeup Removal 

DO NOT – we repeat, do not – go to bed without removing your costume makeup. No matter how tired you are, it’s not worth risking breakouts and plugged-up pores. So, to spend as little time as possible removing your costume makeup, make sure you have a good makeup remover on hand. 

You can try removing the bulk of the makeup with a makeup removal washcloth or wipes and then follow up with makeup remover and cleanser. Then, exfoliate your skin shortly after removing makeup to help it to recover from all that Halloween madness. And don’t forget to finish up with a face mask or a gentle moisturizer to give your skin a much-needed drink of water! 

Gear up for Halloween fun and shop our full selection of hair, makeup, and skincare products at Beauty Supply 123.

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