2023’s Best Looks for Winter Holiday Parties

The holidays are here, and we’re just so excited we can’t sit still! At Beauty Supply 123, we’re the experts on nail and hair care — and the holidays are the perfect time to let loose and have fun! In 2023, celebrities, influencers, and neighbors debuted some truly impressive hair and nail styles. We’ve compiled our favorites for you here! 

When your next holiday party rolls around, try our ideas on for size! These unique and fun styles are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re sitting down for a family dinner, rockin’ your style at a work party, or hitting the town for a winter extravaganza!

The 5 Best Nail Ideas for the Holidays of 2023 

  1. Lacquered Holiday Colors: Nail lacquer takes a little bit longer to dry than regular nail polish, but the results are amazing. Lacquer is excellent for bright, bold colors — like  blue and white for Hanukkah; black, red, and green for Kwanzaa; or greens and reds for Christmas!
  2. Adorable Holiday Nail Art: Grab your favorite fine-point cuticle cleaner or nail art tool kit and unleash your inner Bob Ross. Snowflakes, stars, gingerbread men, and candy canes are popular nail art choices for the winter holidays. Make your style your own! Just be sure to cover your art with a protective sealant before you hit the town.
  3. Colorful Ombre: You can achieve a festive ombre in two ways: the first is to paint individual shades on each nail, with the “darkest” shade on your thumb and the “lightest” on your pinky (or vice versa — we’re not cramping your style!). Or, if you’re feeling confident in your painting skills, create a gradual ombre on each nail. Try a shiny manicure pen for the most control, or paint yourself. Start with a base coat of your darkest color, a middle shade on the top ⅔ of your nail, and the lightest shade on the last ⅓. Just make sure you let each coat dry before you start the next one! 
  4. Classic French — with a Holiday Twist! Ahh, the French manicure is never a bad idea. You can take this elegant look to the next level by adding a coat of festive glitter before you apply your top coat. Or, replace the traditional white tips with a holiday color like sparkly red, green, or gold
  5. Frosted Ice: Who doesn’t love glitter?! Capture the winter skies in your nail art with “frosted” nail polish or decadent sparkle polish. Grays, whites, light blues, dark blues, and silvers are great choices for the “frosted” look. Be your own Ice Queen all winter long! 

The Top 10 Holiday Party Hairstyles of 2023

  1. The Silk Press: You can’t go wrong with an elegant, sleek style during the holidays. With your hair down, blow dry and flat iron your hair until it shines. A spritz of hair oil for moisture and a dash of hair spray for hold, and you’ve got a holiday look for the scrapbooks!  
  2. The Fountain Ponytail: Flirty and practical, the Fountain Ponytail combines a high pony that cascades in a “fountain” of playful curls. Fluff up your hair before and after putting it in the ponytail for a controlled wildness that says you’re the life of the party. 
  3. Baby Braids: Gen Z got it right with this cute and stylish look. Use a styling comb to part your hair down the middle and braid a thin section of hair on either side of your part. Let these baby braids frame your face, and pair with a ponytail, bun, or down-and-wild look for a trendy style.
  4. Side Braids: Release your inner Viking with this wintery look. We especially love this look for folks with natural hair—medium and long curly hair pairs perfectly with small, tight cornrows behind your ear. Start with a gelled section and insert as many side braids as you like: three or four for an elegant, creative look, or half your head to make a statement! A lightweight frizz spray helps keep flyaways from messing with this look.
  5. Bubble Braids: A crowd favorite, bubble braids got their start in the music festival scene and are now a perfect choice for a festive hairstyle. Create this look by segmenting your hair with mini rubber bands, then “puff up” the sections between bands into spherical “bubbles.” 
  6. Faux “Wet” Shine: Popularized by our girls Zendaya and Megan Fox, the “wet” look uses a generous helping of mousse or max-hold styling gel to create an effortless “I stepped out of the shower like this” hairstyle. 
  7. The Hollywood Wave or Hollywood Flip: Channel Florence Pugh and Maud Apatow with these Hollywood styles from another era. The 1920s-inspired Hollywood Wave is a mix of finger curls and gentle waves for a light look that pairs perfectly with a bob. The Hollywood Flip takes it a step further with bold, upturned side bangs. 
  8. Gemstones, Tiaras, and Bows — Oh, My! Hair accessories are the best way to make a statement this winter. Elevate a simple braid or updo with small gemstones, hair rings, or bold barrettes. Or, dress up a bun with a decadent headband or tiara!  
  9. The Butterfly Bob: We’re putting Zendaya on this list twice — our favorite trendsetter rocked this cute-yet-refined look on the red carpet. Start with a silk press or flat-ironed hair, but curl the edges so they flip up. With a side part or middle part, the curled edges look like a butterfly flapping its wings!   
  10. Neptune Hair (AKA “Mermaidcore”): Make the “S” in “S-shaped curls” stand for “snowflake”! Okay, we’re being silly, but for real — this look is gorgeous on just about anyone. The best way to create this look is to braid your hair overnight, then use a blow dryer (after applying the proper heat protectant!) to introduce heat into the braids. Then, carefully unravel each braid and apply a light coat of curl definition gel for a wavy, beachy look worthy of any mermaid! 

What holiday parties are you attending this year? We hope you rock your favorite ‘dos along with your favorite holiday outfits — and feel confident and gorgeous all the way into 2024! 

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