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Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit
Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit

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  •  Prevent wardrobe malfunctions
  • Essential on-the-go style secrets
  • Say bye bye to beauty blunders
  • Prevent wardrobe malfunctions - 14 essential on-the-go style secrets. Bye bye beauty blunders and fashion faux paus.

    • Fashion tape strips hold your clothing in place. Hypo-allergenic and fabric-friendly 
    • Deodorant removing sponge removes deodorant marks from clothing
    • Sewing kit includes needle, thread, safety pin, white button and black button


    • 6 Hollywood Fashion Tape strips
    • 1 deodorant removing sponge
    • 1 sewing kit
    • 30 lint removing sheets
    • 2 white instant adhesive buttons
    • 1 stain wipe
    • 1 hypo-allergenic earring back
    • 1 hair band
    • 1 nail file
    • 1 blister pad
    • 1 shoe shine sponge
    • 1 static guard


    Made in USA and China

    Hollywood Fashion Tape strips: Remove backing, press firmly to clean, dry, oil-free skin or fabric. Remove remaining backing and apply item to be secured. Important: Remove tape before washing, cleaning or ironing garments. Pretest delicate fabrics. Deodorant removing sponge: Briskly rub residue from your clothing with sponge. No need to use water. Safe on most fabrics. Also removes most makeup powder.
    Hollywood Fashion Tape strips: If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use. Do not apply to irritated, sunburned or sensitive skin. Pretest for sensitivity or allergies.