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Clippercide Spray 15oz - beautysupply123

Clippercide Spray 15oz

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Spray Disinfectant

This incredible product is designed to disinfect and lubricate all models of hair clippers. This creates effective bactericidal, fungicidal and tuberculocial action. How does it work? The spray will leave a thin film of lubricant in order to reduce friction and permit clippers to run smoother. The clippercide will also spray and blow hair and dirt out from between the teeth of your clippers;thus cleaning and at the same time cooling the blades. This means that your clippers will enjoy a longer life. So make sure to purchase today and give your clipper blades longer cutting life.

  • Larger size means 25% more spray
  • Clippercide is a Tuberculocidal hospital disinfectant
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungus
  • Reduces friction and guards against rust
  • Clippercide helps prolong clipper life!
  • Spray blows hair and dirt from between clipper teeth