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Cricket Carbon Comb Stylist 4 Pack


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Cricket Carbon Comb Stylist 4 Pack

■ C20: Allows even distribution for zero tension cutting techniques.

■ C25: Consistent tooth pattern allows even distribution and wider sectioning ability. Perfect and even distribution when applying semi-permanent hair color. Teeth are slightly longer and provide maximum penetration during sectioning and cutting processes... detangles curly hair. Sectioning tooth speeds up working time and provides techniques such as lacing and cushioning for dressing hair.

■ C30: Minimum flex and sizing provides stronger direction even with large sub-sections. The comb necessary for moving, controlling and elevating heavy, thick, coarse hair. C20: The perfect all-around cutting comb. Two distinct tooth patterns expand cutting options.

C50: The fine tooth pattern provides proper tension while wrapping perms, texture products, or the distribution of hair color products into nape or sideburn area. Perfect for teasing and/or backcombing. Tail is ideal for weaving, sectioning, or lifting teased hair.



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