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Zotos Quantum Texture on Tint Perm

Zotos Quantum Texture on Tint Perm

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Quantum Texture on Tint Blue Ring Acid Perm is specifically designed for tinted hair (up to 20 volume peroxide) to provide firm, springy, resilient, long-lasting curls with extra volume and support.

 The distinctive blue ring in the waving lotion(vitamin and fortifying complex) contains a unique blend of vitamins, moisturizers and protein that protect and allow for more effective and efficient penetration of the hair cortex, provding superior conditioning while preventing cuticle damage.Quantum TT locks in curl, producing healthier color-treated hair with excellent shine and manageability. No pre-treatment required.

  • Equalizes porosity to protect shafts of color-treated hair
  • Reduces cuticle shock during wave lotion application
  • No pre-treatment necessary
  • Unique ring complex