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TCS The Color Stain Remover 10oz - beautysupply123

TCS The Color Stain Remover 10oz

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TCS is a technologically advanced all natural product used before hair color processing to protect the hairline from staining. Its dual purpose formula can also be used afterwards to remove excess color from skin, clothing, equipment, work surfaces and color embedded in nail cuticles.


USE BEFORE Color Service: Apply TCS around the hairline to protect skin from staining. OK to work close to hairline. TCS will not impede the hair color to help prevent all chemical irritation.

USE AFTER Color Service: Use TCS to remove excess color and staining. Apply to a damp soft cloth or towel and remove any excess color from skin.

CLOTHING STAINS: TCS works best when used immediately after color staining on most fabrics (see clothing manufacturer's washing instructions before applying TCS to fabric). For new stains, mix TCS with cold water, apply mixture to stain, and gently rub fabric while blotting stain with a wet towel or rinse directly under water.

ON WORK SURFACES (Counter Tops, Styling Chairs, Tools, Etc.) Apply TCS with a wet soft cloth or towel and wipe clean.