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Spectrum Handi Magnetic Clips
Spectrum Handi Magnetic Clips

Spectrum Handi Magnetic Clips

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  • Handi Chip Clips Set of 3 Cute & Quirky Refrigerator Magnets, Texturized Plastic Grips Secure Towels, Bags, Keys & Photos, Assorted
  • DEPENDABLE MAGNETIC STRENGTH: Magnet secures to metal without sliding, slipping, or moving. Keep your refrigerator, white board, filing cabinet, or other metal surface tidy by keeping everything in place; whether it’s a birthday card or a recent drawing, these magnets will keep it where you want it to be.
  • DECORATE YOUR REFRIGERATOR: Add some hands-on fun with these fridge magnets! In addition to holding mail, thank you cards, wedding invitations, photos, artwork, and more, these magnets add some whimsical fun to your refrigerator.
  • SEAL CHIP & SNACK BAGS: Textured grips keep the clips in place on your bags of chips, pretzels, crackers, dried beans, seeds, and more. Keep pantry items and shelf-stable snacks fresh by sealing open bags. Clips keep air out, keeping your favorite snacks fresher for longer.
  • STEEL SPRINGS KEEPS CLIPS CLOSED: The strong spring clip firmly holds whatever is clipped to it. The springs are designed to keep the plastic clips tightly closed, securing the magnet’s grip on your child’s latest math test, English paper, art project, and more. The plastic handles make it easy to open the clips, then the steel spring clamps upon release for a reliable hold.