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ProCombs Weaving & Sectioning Foiling Comb For Thick Highlights


  • 9.29

ProCombs is constantly seeking for innovative solutions to help stylists be more creative and achieve consistently better results in a way that is both: fun and easy. This ProCombs Hair highlight weaving comb comes from our collection: 

  • Wild Wild West (Green) - comb designed to create broad, bold streaks of color

It is professional coloring tool designed for the perfect separation of the hair so you can achieve consistent results in a fraction of the usual time. You can create natural-looking highlights or combine them to obtain the most creative, artistic and professional results by using this set by ProCombs.
The teeth of these combs are evenly spaced ensuring that each strand of the hair weaved comes in same thickness.
This Thick hair highlighting weaving combs is made of premium nylon reinforced with glass fiber, an expensive and high-quality material that will stay whole through years of heat, wear, and salon chemicals

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