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PowerTools Bond Building 4Bond N' Plex Conditioner 8oz

PowerTools Bond Building 4Bond N' Plex Conditioner 8oz

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Perfect for home maintenance after any bond building, color or chemical services.

4BOND N’ PLEX is a rich, thick, creamy color hold paraben free bond building shampoo & conditioner. Using 4BOND N’ PLEX Shampoo & Conditioner (pH 4.5) AFTER color/chemical services will rebuild hair bonds and fortify highly damaged, dry and thirsty parts of the hair shaft. 4BOND N’ PLEX Shampoo & Conditioner has been developed to maintain the health of the hair bonds previously damaged by a color/chemical service. With continued at home use, 4BOND N’ PLEX provides luxurious, soft and shiny hair while maintaining and preparing the hair’s health for it’s next color/chemical service.

  • Sulfate, Paraben & Sodium Chloride Free
  • Thermal, UVA & UVV Protection
  • Rebuilds & Instantaneously Strengthens Hair
  • Prepares Hair for the Next Chemical Service
  • Luxuriously Soft, Shiny & Healthy Hair
  • Available sizes 8 oz. & 26 oz.


The 4BOND N’ PLEX shampoo and conditioning system is the smartest and most targeted innovation in hair care technology today. This Smart Target Technology, a first of its kind, contains a Proprietary Blend of Polymers, Keratin, Quinoa and Baobab Proteins rich in Amino Acids. This Cationic positively charged blend is drawn specifically to the negatively charged, damaged parts of the hair shaft. 4BOND N’ PLEX instantaneously Rebuilds, Fortifies and Maintains the hair bonds, from the inside out.


For Best Results (Conditioner)

For Conditioning, place a small amount in palm of hand, liquefy and disperse through hair and rinse out. For Deep Conditioning, leave in 3-5 minutes, rinse out. For Extremely Damaged hair, leave in 10 minutes, rinse out. For Fine Hair: Conditioning may not be needed. Use as necessary, apply to ends only to avoid weighing down the hair.

For Deep Conditioning:
leave in 3-5 minutes then rinse out as normal