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Bodyography  Every Finish Powder - #010 - Light

Bodyography Every Finish Powder - #010 - Light

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Give your face any finish possible with these high quality versatile solid powders from Bodyography and Bodyography Oxyplex The secret of these multi-purpose face powders is in their high quality formula. They can be applied using a powder brush for a sheer finish, a puff for heavier coverage, or with a damp sponge to give an even more complete matte finish to bare skin. Not only does the palette contain a handy mirror but you will also find the applicator tucked away in the base! As well as the versatile list of uses, Every Finish Powder also has restorative properties, helping to prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. The talc free formula also encourages the regeneration of skin and prevents Collagen and Elastin Breakdown, giving a superb youthful finish and slowing the signs of premature ageing! Give your skin a radiant glow the healthy way and allow the antimicrobial ingredient within to do its work clearing your skin preventing future breakouts! This is shade number 010, and is the light tone with the lowest amount of pigment for a natural, fair finish.