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Bigen Powder Hair Color #57 Dark Brown .21oz - beautysupply123

Bigen Powder Hair Color #57 Dark Brown .21oz


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Bigen Powder Hair Color #57 Dark Brown Bigen water-activated permanent hair color is ammonia free, and requires no hydrogen peroxide. It colors your hair without lifting (lightening) action, and with less damage than other ordinary hair color products with similar action. It's the gentle choice. WATER-ACTIVATED: Once mixed with water, Bigen is ready for use. Water naturally and gently opens the cuticles so that Bigen's tiny color pigments can penetrate deeply into the hair shafts. Once your hair dries, the cuticles naturally close and retain the new color. PERM / RELAX & COLOR THE SAME DAY: Bigen can be used on medium to coarse hair the same day of hair relaxing or perming. HOW TO USE: Complete the preliminary skin test 48 hours before each application.

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