Sunglitz Diamondglitz Charcoal Lightener


Sunglitz Diamondglitz Charcoal Lightener is a color remover capable of lifting between 1 to 8 levels when mixed with other Sunglitz products.

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Sunglitz Diamondglitz Charcoal Lightener refines all color, producing pale and bright blonde color. This product is perfect for those trying to achieve light blonde/platinum results when dealing with dull brassy tones.   

What Are Sunglitz Diamondglitz Charcoal Lightener Benefits
Includes silk protein and clay base formulated to strengthen hair staring at the root. Botanicals, herbs, panthenol, milk, amino acids, and olive oil conditioners moisturize and provide hair with unmatched nutrients typically stripped away by lightening treatments.

Sunglitz Diamondglitz Charcoal Lightener Details 

  • 16 oz bottle
  • Ammonia free
  • Lifts 1-8 levels
  • Hair is left bright, while still with valuable shine and strength

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