Jatai Styling Razor Standard Kit


Jatai Styling Razor Standard Kit feathers and layers quickly and easily, while cutting hair with surgical precision.

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Jatai Styling Razor Standard Kit This Feather Styling Razor is equipped with cutting edge performance ability. Hair is cut and styled smoothly and easily, giving a style that is precise and unparalleled.

What Are Jatai Styling Razor Standard Kit Benefits
The ergonomic design of a rigid handle does not require constant pressure on the wrist in holding open like conventional razors. The balance and feel in the hand makes the razor become an extension of your hand. The blades are completely safe to you and your client. Blades are easily removed with the patented Blade Disposal Case and replaced with the Blade Dispenser.

Jatai Styling Razor Standard Kit Details 

  • Includes FEATHER Styling Razor, 10 Replacement Blades, Blade Disposal Case
  • For Professional Use Only

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