Diane Softees Air Microfiber Towels 6-Pack


Diane Softees Air Microfiber Towels 6-Pack- provides better cleaning and higher quality towels for your salon needs using super absorbent microfiber cloth material.

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Diane's full range of essential beauty products have been a staple in the industry for decades. Everything from towels and gloves for the salon, to French hair pins and iconic bobby pins for the perfect updo, Diane has it all to get the hottest looks in beauty.


Diane Softees Air Microfiber Towels 6-Pack are ultra absorbent, stain resistant, and quickly drying towels made of microfiber cloth material that is more durable than cotton. Its cleaning performance characteristics make these microfiber towels outstanding all-purpose towels.

What Are Diane Softees Air Microfiber Towels 6-Pack Benefits

Through advanced microfiber technology, these microfiber towels provide stain resistant cleaning and quick absorbing for all salon tasks. Their increased durability also allows for repeated use and longevity.

Diane Softees Air Microfiber Towels 6-Pack Details

  • Color: White
  • More durable and absorbent than cotton
  • No fiber loss
  • Stain resistant, quick drying
  • Size large (15 ½” x 25 ½”)


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