Diamon Deb Nail File 8in


Diamon Deb Nail File 8in features a diamond crystal surface that effortlessly shapes nails while helping prevent splitting and peeling. Your nails will grow longer, stronger and healthier! Not to mention they will look amazing! Its unique abrasive surface will file your nails perfectly smoothly while eliminating the harsh results of cross-cut steel nail files.

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Diamon Deb Nail File 8in is designed for shaping as well as helping protect the integrity of the nail.

Diamon Deb Nail File 8in Details

  • Shapes nails smoothly and helps prevent splitting & peeling
  • Effortlessly shapes & shapes
  • Does not have the harsh features of cross-cut steel nail files
  • Perfect for manicures & pedicures
  • Comes with its own sleeve cover
  • Superior to emory boards or other regular nail files
  • Very rust resistant
  • Stainless Steel
  • 8” x .25”

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