Cricket Silkomb Pro-25


Cricket Silkomb Pro-25 delivers a seamless and smooth style along with silky shine to all hair types and textures with each use.

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Cricket Silkomb Pro-25 Silicone injected Silkomb employs state of the art technology and quality molding techniques to produce finely polished, seamless teeth. With the revolutionary addition of silicone, they deliver amazing smoothness, allowing Silkomb to glide effortlessly through the hair.

What Are Cricket Silkomb Pro-25 Benefits
Antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odors and stains in plastic. Under normal cleaning and use conditions the antimicrobial protection in Silkombs is designed to last the life of the product.

Cricket Silkomb Pro-25 Details

  • Equipped with fine teeth
  • Straight edge design

Additional information

Weight 0.8 oz


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