Counting Sheep Slumber Sleep Mask


Counting Sheep Slumber Sleep Mask is the perfect accessory for a great night’s sleep. From insomnia to just needing a good night’s sleep this comfortable sleep mask will get you counting sheep in no time. Often times, when we can’t sleep a small change in routine can break the cycle and that is exactly what our well-engineered sleep mask is designed to do.

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Counting Sheep Slumber Sleep Mask is designed to help you get a better night’s sleep. The outer layer of the mask is made up of several small fiber textures combined with a comfortable satin-finished material against the eyes creating a perfect defense against insomnia.

Counting Sheep Slumber Sleep Mask Details

  • Sleep soundly with the help of this cute sleep mask!
  • Flocked outer texture, silky satin texture against the eyes
  • Dark color helps to keep annoying light out while you slumber


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