Clubman Finest Talc 9oz


Clubman Finest Talc 9oz offers the perfect finish to a haircut or clean shave, removing excess moisture to help keep your face and neck dry. With a nostalgic, fresh scent, Clubman Pinaud Talc has been a favorite since 1810. In fact, Bob Hope and Kirk Douglas are just a few who have appreciated this fine talc.

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Today - more than 200 years since its debut - Clubman offers a wide range of popular men’s grooming products that remain true to the brand’s heritage while bringing to market must-haves driven by market trends. The newest additions to the line include a trio of Beard grooming essentials - Beard Balm, 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner, and Beard Oil all infused with their own special blend of oils for style, control, and conditioning. Clubman’s Mustache Wax, formulated with coconut oil and beeswax, is a favorite for shaping and filling in the moustache. Nick Relief stops bleeding from razor nicks quickly and is a must for any man’s dopp kit. Rich emollients and botanical ingredients are combined in Clubman’s Shaving Gel, which softens facial hair and lubricates the skin.


Clubman Finest Talc 9oz helps hide nicks and blemishes, plus it makes a great deodorizing foot powder.

Clubman Finest Talc 9oz Details

  • Pleasantly scented
  • After-shave talc
  • 9oz bottle

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Weight12.3 oz


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