Clean + Easy Face & Body Roll On Wax Kit


Clean + Easy Face & Body Roll On Wax Kit will bring the spa facial and body waxing experience to your home with quick clean up after use

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clean+easy® - Since its inception over a decade ago, clean+easy® has quickly risen to become a leader in the professional spa industry with its innovative roll-on waxing system, superb quality and variety of waxes. clean+easy® recognizes the active and sometimes hectic lifestyle of today's women and we want to accommodate their schedule by offering fast, effective and easy methods of hair removal.


Clean + Easy Face & Body Roll On Wax Kit will bring the experience of the spa home with this Roll On Wax kit for Face and Body from Clean + Easy. A leader in the professional spa industry, Clean + Easy is known for its ease of use, quick application and effortless clean-up.A 24-hour patch test is required on a small area before using on larger area. Do not use on irritated, cut or broken skin. Hair should be about ¼” inches (6mm) long before waxing. Facial Hair may be shorter.


  • Will quickly, and effectively remove unwanted hair from your arms, face, legs and body
  • Lasts for up to six weeks, leaving skin soft and supple and hair free
  • Includes a refill, a facial roller and leg roller as well as strips

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