Clean + Easy Antiseptic Spray


Clean + Easy Antiseptic Spray is a antiseptic skin cleanser perfect for use before and after waxing treatments to remove unwanted bacteria.

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clean+easy® - Since its inception over a decade ago, clean+easy® has quickly risen to become a leader in the professional spa industry with its innovative roll-on waxing system, superb quality and variety of waxes. clean+easy® recognizes the active and sometimes hectic lifestyle of today's women and we want to accommodate their schedule by offering fast, effective and easy methods of hair removal.


Clean + Easy Antiseptic Spray is a skin-cleanser suitable for use after and before waxing. It has been medicated to protect against harmful bacteria and makes an excellent sanitizer for use in the salon and the home alike. This spray is also great for removing impurities from the skin that can effect waxing. Bacteria is killed on contact and the surface of the skin is left cleansed.

Clean + Easy Antiseptic Spray Details

  • Skin-cleanser
  • Use prior to waxing

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