1907 Hot Paddle Hair Brush


1907 Hot Paddle Hair Brush is a multi-use styling hair brush that retains maximum heat for less drying time while delivering unmatched smoothness.

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Fromm is a leading marketer of beauty essentials in the professional beauty industry, with an emphasis on cutlery, salon apparel, combs, brushes, and other salon tools. Fromm products are instrumental to hair stylists in making their clients look beautiful. True to this goal, Fromm’s mission statement is Finding Better Ways to Create Beauty.


1907 Hot Paddle Hair Brush is a one-step smoothing hair brush that delivers unmatched volume and shine to the hair with each use.

1907 Hot Paddle Hair Brush Details

  • Retains heat for reduced dry time
  • Aluminum Pad promotes faster straightening
  • Styling with less damage and more shine
  • Flexible base cushion for detangling without breakage

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